Win fun prizes

Giving back to the community is fun and rewarding

Participants in the Washburn Games have the option of creating their own fundraising page to support their peers who are struggling with mental health challenges. It’s easy – plus, all kids/families who raise $100+ will get a fun prize!

The family who raises the most money for Washburn Center will be awarded a $1,000 educational grant! Don’t want to create a web page? Use this form to track off-line donations made via cash or check.

  • Check back soon for a list of prizes!


Raising money for The Washburn Games is so easy! Here are a few ideas:

  • Host an arts and crafts fair. Show off your child’s inner artist with their very own art gallery! Invite family, friends and neighbors to tour your child’s art gallery and buy their works of art.
  • Beat the heat with a car wash! Make your child’s car wash unique by offering different wash packages. “Standard” includes a car wash while “Supreme” includes a wash and glass of lemonade. For an “Ultimate” package, include a car wash, lemonade and homemade cookie!
  • Have a dog-washing event in your neighborhood. Does your neighborhood have lots of four-legged friends? Make flyers for a Saturday dog-washing event in your driveway!
  • Give something up… and get sponsored for it! What’s something your child can’t go without? Ask family members to sponsor your child in giving up something, such as candy or video games. If your child gives up candy for the week, use the money you saved and donate it to the Washburn Games.
  • Turn your living room into a movie theater. Host a neighborhood movie night and charge a modest fee to be donated to the Washburn Games. Your child can help make flyers, invitations to friends, and popcorn goodie bags for the event!
  • Help your neighbors. Have your child earn money by helping out your neighbors with easy tasks like gardening, mowing their lawns or picking up sticks.