Welcome to this year's Washburn Games!

Get loose, get moving and get going! Rally Week will get your blood pumping, and keep your body and mind active as you go.

On your marks, get set, JUMP into a week of fun with fun sports lessons from Minnesotan Olympian Payton Otterdahl, former Gopher basketball player Blake Hoffarber and World Cup soccer player Tony Sanneh!

Click here for Jump Start Sunday – Rally Week Day 1


Mindfulness Monday brings calm, quiet and comfort with breathing exercises, meditation and yoga led by Washburn Center clinicians!

Click here for Mindfulness Monday – Rally Week Day 2


Pass, shoot or score on Triple Play Tuesday with some favorite pastime sports!

Click here for Triple Play Tuesday – Rally Week Day 3


Crank up the tunes and wiggle your way through Wednesday. Watch for our dance pro sharing moves to “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman!


Click here for Wiggle Wednesday – Rally Week Day 4



Gratitude strengthens the mind and spirit! Come back to learn tips to boost overall wellbeing and bring positivity to others.

Click here for Thankful Thursday – Rally Week Day 5


Find your favorite adult and spend some quality time together! These great activities bring family fun right into your home.

Click here for Family Fun Friday – Rally Week Day 6

On Saturday, October 2 we met virtually for Breakfast Bingo with the silly sidekicks from St. Paul Saints — Mudonna and Dawn Under! If we missed you, there’s still plenty of Super Saturday fun below!

Click here for Super Saturday – Rally Week Day 7