Be a Washburn Games Champion! 

Are you ready to become a Washburn Games Champion? We need your help to raise awareness and funds so that kids and families can receive support from Washburn Center when they’re struggling with big feelings or difficult situations.  

You can help! In addition to participating in Washburn Games activities, you can set up your own fundraiser and take your experience to the next level. By building excitement for the event, raising awareness for mental health and inviting others to join you with a gift, you will become a champion for children’s mental health in your community 

Raise $100 or more from September 1 – October 29 through your fundraising page to qualify for a chance to win fun raffle prizes like gift cards, swag from the MN Vikings and the Timberwolves, and more!


Getting Started 

Taking the first step to become a Washburn Games Champion is easy. Adults who will be supervising participants can help them get started by completing these steps together. 

  • Click here to create fundraising page to share with others 
  • Make a list of who to ask for support (see ideas below) 
  • Think of ways to ask for support or raise funds (see ideas below) 
  • Share your fundraising page with others and execute your ideas to raise money 
  • Watch those dollars roll in and get excited about your impact 

Who Should I Ask? 

Writing down a list of people you know and interact with regularly can be a helpful way to start thinking about who to approach. Some groups you might consider areparents, grandparents, siblings, extended family, friends, neighbors, place of worship, parents’ email/social media networks, etc. Your community will be inspired to know that you want to help kids who are struggling with their overwhelming feelings. 

How Do I Raise Funds? 

Below are a few ideas to help you get you started, but be as creative as you’d like with your own fundraising ideas. When in doubt, keep it simple. Have a conversation with people close to you and explain what you’re up to and why it’s important to you. People enjoy the opportunity to get involved. 

Adults will need to help participants execute these or other fundraising ideas, so work together to make it a fun family experience! 

  • Be artistic! Do you like to create things like friendship bracelets, picture frames, knitting projectspaintings or other arts and crafts? You could post your offerings for people to purchase with all the proceeds going to your fundraising efforts.
  • Be activeSet a participation goal for the number of Washburn Games activities you’d like to accomplish and ask people to sponsor you based on how many you complete. For example, a donation of $5 for every three activities you complete. 
  • Be vocal! Record a video about your participation in Washburn Games, why you think mental health is important and ask for support. Then work with an adult to email the video or post to their social media. Or, simply pick up the phone and have a conversation about the opportunity. A phone call can go a long way!
  • Be helpful! Offer to help out your neighbors with easy outdoor tasks like mowing their lawns, raking leaves or picking up sticks. Their payment could be a gift in support of your fundraiser.
  • Be mindful! We all need extra help sometimes, which is what Washburn Center provides for kids and families. Think about what comforts you when you’re feeling sad or worried. Then have a conversation with your family or a trusted adult to reflect on who has helped you feel better and what you’ve done during those timesYou could write letters to friends and families sharing some of these reflections and why it’s important to support children’s mental health and your participation in Washburn Games.